An early Monday morning finds the need for something just a little different to wake me up.  So it’s Floyd….the Rasta version.  Everyone knows I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan and while there are plenty of tribute albums out there, none of them have ever warranted a second listen.  That is until Dub Side of the Moon. On the surface even the idea of this seems off.  That is until you listen to it.  Then you understand these guys have studied and and are more than familiar with the work.  You can tell they are fans.  The music is a faithful reggae rendition of the album that will seem so familiar yet so different.

The Easy Star All Stars are a collaboration between longtime friends Michael Goldwasser and Victor Axelrod.  Base out of NY and collaborating with numerous familiar reggae musician the two have tackled OK Computer by Radiohead and Sgt Pepper by The Beatles.

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