It has been a while but I’ve  been without my Zune (sent out for service).  I know many of you are saying, what the hell is a Zune?  It’s my MP3 player.  I’d get rid of it save for the one service that makes it worthwhile for a music guy like me.  It is called a Zune Pass.  It is a music subscription service and it is kind of cool.

Anyway it is a lazy Friday night and I’m chillin’ to a very cool soul collection called Mega Soul.

Mega Soul spans four discs and 100 songs (25 for each volume) and compiles several stripes of soul and funk singles from the ’60s and ’70s. This is one of those sets that, while a little uneven and hardly a recommendable introduction, is fun to plow through — whether you’re refamiliarizing yourself with this stuff or are simply curious. Unless you’re a hardcore soul fan, this should have no trouble plugging at least a few gaps in your collection.” All Music

Keep on Keeping on…