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Going back a long way, Pink Floyd’s music has held an special place in my music listening history.  The way I connect with it emotionally is without equal.  From their early works through the post break up with Roger Waters, both the music and my life seems to have evolved together.  So it is with really mixed feelings I auditioned the latest release as it marks the end of the road.  For the band certainly.  There is also a lot of deep introspection happening at the same time while I listen to this.  I too am not a kid anymore and am also looking at the end of my career.  It has been 6 years since I bought a CD and a couple of years since I posted a music review here of anything.  Obviously there is something compelling at a time where how and what we listen to has changed so much.

So the album?  A collection of works picked out by Gilmore and Mason as a tribute to Richard Wright from the 1993-1994 recordings leftover from the Division Bell sessions.  The album is of mostly instrumental recordings and is a lush sound-scape that shares a sonic familiarity with Division Bell and goes in some new directions.  The opening is reminiscent in tone and emotion of the soundtrack to the movie Bladerunner and then further develops in contemporary Pink Floyd style.  Their musical exploration is evident and while I feared a lack of cohesion or sense of a whole, the collection holds up very well and did not disappoint.

Missing however is the often difficult and heavy subject matter writing from Waters.  Much of the tone from earlier works were thus shaped as Waters left an indelible mark on the discography.  If that is what you are looking for, plenty of it is to be found in Waters solo works.  This one is very much a Gilmore album in the same way that this styling can be heard in post Waters Floyd and Gilmore’s early solo works.  Missing is any sense of story or narration but the work very much stands on its own.  Very much worth buying the CD.  Get the deluxe version with extras if you are a fan.

So is this a trend?  The next big thing?  Hearing a lot of late 40’s and early 50’s back room blues cabaret inspired music lately.  Its big, sometimes campy and even a little naughty.  Like Devil Doll below and even the trending Nick Waterhouse, this style of music is on the rise.  Music that takes you back to another era.  An early style that is re-emerging anew as something new.

Imelda hails from Dublin Ireland but is unlike any singer I’ve in my collection from the Emerald Ilse.  This album is just enormous fun.  Song like big bad hansom man pulls you in and takes you to another place and time.  The best way to travel.   The fore mentioned song along with Wild About My Lovin and Johnny Got a Boom Boom follow the same winning formula.  Check it out.

No, really, it’s completely painless.  Just good music.

This is among some of the best of indie pop.  Upbeat rhythms without the heavy syrup.  Smartly written music that come strait at you .  Time to dig deeper into this band.

This is their self produced debut.  Please, let it only get better from here.  I’m so tired of finding these gems only to be disappointed by later works that stray from a winning formula.  This is just magic.  Stick with the magic and you can’t go wrong.

Check them out at The Good Hurt

Wow is this thing rusty or what.  took me half the evening to remember my log in credentials.  Also had to re-install Live Writer and remember how to set that up.  So here goes, hit publish and hope it all works.

Released back in 1994, yet more relevant than ever.  Michael Franti’s re-emergence on the music scene, fronting the band Spearhead.  Another socially themed album highlighting the injustices of the poor and homeless.  Relevant in these current economic times.  Still a solid listen.  It will keep your head bop pin’ and perhaps help you see the world a little differently. 

Check it out at

Ska, Punk, Ska-Punk Reggae Alternative?  Not sure how to classify this group, still they are an awesome listen.  I picked up their EP on EMusic on a whim and it is infectious.  I have been listening to a lot of Reggae lately.  It gets me through the day.  They list influences such as King Tubby, Black Uhuru, The Congo’s and Sublime and you can hear it all in their music.  It is a great modern fusion of new and old form Reggae along with the Pop trends today. 

Really entertaining and leaves you wanting to hear more from this group. 

Check them out on their Facebook Page or search for them at EMusic

Wasn’t sure of what to make of the name of either the band or album but I’ll tell you this, Colleen Duffy can sing and this band can play.  Complete with a full on blues band with Hammond B3 and sax this Los Angeles based band plays a combination of an updated modern 40’s blues infused with rockabilly and jazz influences.

The song writing on this is smart with a ton of wit.  Don’t for a moment let this one get past you.  Definitely one to check out.

On MySpace 

or EMusic

Unique is certainly one way to describe Amy Lavere.  Anchors & Anvils is an album with a deadpan delivery of a kind of offbeat material that you have to listen to understand. 

Born to a musical family, Amy moved 13 times before graduating high school.  That has to be enough to skew your perspective but she manages to keep a sense of humor in her material.  A unique voice and perspective.

A+ on this one.

For more information go to  Amy LaVere 

To listen go to EMusic or Amazon

Greg hails from New Zealand were he is already an award winning performer.  With gold and platinum albums already under his belt he moved to LA in 2002 in search of a larger audience.  His latest release Seven Day Cure is an excellent collection of great pop music to help you get through your week.  Contemporary and light, it just might be the cure.

For more information go to Greg Johnson’s Web Page

To listen go to EMusic or Amazon

Singing and playing piano at the age of 4, writing songs at 11 and and completing her first album by the age of 14, Sarah’s upbringing in a musical family is certainly evident.  By the age of 21 she had already released her 3rd album and had moved to Nashville.  After having written hit songs for Allison Krauss she is now concentrating on her own performing career.  Say it Louder is a mix of material displaying her depth and musical roots.  With solid songwriting and her own style, this one is worth a listen.

For more go to Sarah

To listen go to EMusic or Amazon

An early Monday morning finds the need for something just a little different to wake me up.  So it’s Floyd….the Rasta version.  Everyone knows I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan and while there are plenty of tribute albums out there, none of them have ever warranted a second listen.  That is until Dub Side of the Moon. On the surface even the idea of this seems off.  That is until you listen to it.  Then you understand these guys have studied and and are more than familiar with the work.  You can tell they are fans.  The music is a faithful reggae rendition of the album that will seem so familiar yet so different.

The Easy Star All Stars are a collaboration between longtime friends Michael Goldwasser and Victor Axelrod.  Base out of NY and collaborating with numerous familiar reggae musician the two have tackled OK Computer by Radiohead and Sgt Pepper by The Beatles.

For a listen go to EMusic or Amazon

For more information go to

Another Sunday morning choice listen .  Great music while I drink my coffee.  The Seth Glier album The Trouble With People is a gentle work of solo piano and vocals.  Music brought forth from the heart.  From his bio: “The Trouble With People was recorded in Glier’s basement over the course of three months.  In the comfort of his own home and without the constraint of being on the clock, Glier patiently treated each song like a scene in a movie.”  It certainly delivered results.  Having worked in the studio rushing against the clock, work like this rarely happens.  Recording music is all really about capturing a magic moment in time.  Seth does this on this album.  I highly recommend this one for any time not just Sunday mornings with coffee.

Listen at EMusic or Amazon

Read more on his website at

Combine the soulful style of Al Green and grit of Johnny Lang and you’ll get some pretty funky Contemporary Chicago Blues.  The album Sweet Soul Blues takes this fusion and turns it into a sound that easily crosses genres.  Contemporary enough to be modern but deeply rooted in the blues.  This French band’s new CD is available at EMusic or Amazon

Have a listen but I warn you it is infectious.

Malted Milk MySpace Page

On the Stax 50th collection  comes today’s song of the day, “Respect Yourself”  By the “Staple Singers”.   Need to quickly add some Soul cred to your music collection.  Just add one of the many Stax/Volt collections and you have it.  “Old School” Soul music that will have you dancing and shaking.

Check out some samples at

Alright, I’ll fess up.  I like bands with interesting names but that only gets me to the first listen.   The Bottle Rockets album Brand New Year’s first cut is only the opening salvo in a hard driving assault that keeps coming.  Nancy Sinatra is a witty tune but the rest of the album goes on with the same signature combination of rockin’ outlaw style that I’ve come to love about the Bottle Rockets.  Nancy Sinatra and I’ve Been Dying are among my favorite on this one.  Definitely a “pick”.

Listen to a sample at