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Come for the name stay for the music.  Fake Shark – Real Zombie! is a dance punk band whose members hail from Langley, British Columbia and Ashland, Oregon.  Angel Lust’ is the debut single from fake-shark-real zombie’s forthcoming sophomore album "Meeting People is Terrible".   The single is available now on the Angel Lust EP.  This track strikes the right combination of hard edge with a pop vibe.  It’s a catchy tune from a band you probably never heard of.

Catch a sample of it at

On the lighter side for a Sunday morning while drinking coffee listening to Dangling Conversation on the Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme album.  Listening truly sets the way back machine to the 60’s when two young men transform poetry into delicate rhythms with lush harmonies that was their signature sound.  Perfect for a lazy morning as I drift off with the orchestration.

If not already in your collection, a must add.

Simon & Garfunkel on