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I typically am not a fan of ultra-traditional folk or americana but there are exceptions.  This album is rich in traditional Appalachian instrumentation and the vocals are deceptively old school but there is a quality to the writing and the performance that makes this album one that I cannot stop listening to.

Similar in the style of Martha Scanlan, the writing is an update to a genre that so often only follows the old tired standards.  I guess that what makes the difference for me.  This music is an original work that deeply touches an emotional chord for the writer and listener alike.

Simply a magical trip back to another time.

Diana Jones Web Page

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Here is an example of a rootsy singer/songwriter who’s life’s experiences has really tinted his material into some well crafted songs.  His upbringing in Tupelo shapes the depth of his songwriting.  You can hear the influences of blues, country, gospel and R&B in his music.

A really solid album from an interesting artist.

Paul Thorn’s Web Site

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Want to hear where the future of the blues as a genre lies, it is with young artists like Joanne Shaw Taylor.  A talented singer and blues guitar player far beyond her years.  This gem hails from the UK.  I am finding more artists from abroad embracing this American genre and making it their own.

On this album are experienced blues session players Steve Potts (drums) and Dave Smith (bass).  The album is strait up, power trio blues.  Doesn’t get much better than this

 Joanne Shaw Taylor home page

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It has been a while but I’ve  been without my Zune (sent out for service).  I know many of you are saying, what the hell is a Zune?  It’s my MP3 player.  I’d get rid of it save for the one service that makes it worthwhile for a music guy like me.  It is called a Zune Pass.  It is a music subscription service and it is kind of cool.

Anyway it is a lazy Friday night and I’m chillin’ to a very cool soul collection called Mega Soul.

Mega Soul spans four discs and 100 songs (25 for each volume) and compiles several stripes of soul and funk singles from the ’60s and ’70s. This is one of those sets that, while a little uneven and hardly a recommendable introduction, is fun to plow through — whether you’re refamiliarizing yourself with this stuff or are simply curious. Unless you’re a hardcore soul fan, this should have no trouble plugging at least a few gaps in your collection.” All Music

Keep on Keeping on…

Another Saturday night, groovin’ to some long lost soul. 

Born William Pulliam this little known 70’s soulful funk singer dropped out of the music scene shortly after his career began.  An artist familiar only to hard core enthusiasts, this album is a definite rare gem.

Darondo’s My Space Page

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Made it to Saturday night and I’m still grooving.  Playing while I manage my web life is some downtempo from Chris Joss.  You’ve Been Spiked is an album inspired by by 60’s and 70’s dance music and film scores.  Listening is like having a soundtrack to your life helping to move the action along.

French born Chris is a self taught multi-instrumentalist and experienced studio producer.  You’ve Been Spiked is his 3rd out of 5 albums.  Its got a great funk vibe.

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Arthur Dent in the Hitchhikers Guide said he “never could get the hang of Thursdays” but for me its Saturdays.  You work all week then on Fridays it’s yeah, the weekends here.  You stay up too late and get up on Saturday morning dazed and tired.  All this stuff to do.  So what is in the music collection to get me moving?  Give me the Funk, give me Maceo.

Maceo Parker, alto sax player and iconic legend.  Best known as James Brown favorite sax player, the list of artists he has worked with seems endless.  His body of work includes P-Funk with George Clinton, Ray Charles, Dave Matthews and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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My end of the week pick is a collection of soul inspired reggae from a variety of artists.  Socially relevant and historically significant music with a hard hitting edge.  Definitely not reggae light.  It’s music that makes you think and groove.

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